The Vulvodynia
Primary Care Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for family physicians and other providers to help navigate the journey of care for patients with vulvodynia.

From diagnosis to initiating management of symptoms for patients with vulvodynia, this toolkit is your go-to resource for step-by-step compassionate care.

This toolkit is for you if...

you are working with a patient who has chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause and mentions pain/discomfort on vaginal insertion.

Examples may include: penis, finger, tampon, toys, pelvic exam

The Primary
Care Toolkit is

intended for use by family physicians to facilitate the diagnosis and management of vulvodynia.

Information and resources are organized in a step-by-step approach.

Each module outlines basic recommended steps: the Essentials + a Going Beyond section for health care providers interested in advanced tools.

Diagnosis and initiation of vulvodynia management can occur in a primary care setting.

Why is this toolkit important?

It’s common!  Between 7 – 16% of women and other individuals with vulvas will have symptoms consistent with vulvodynia.

Vulvodynia can have a profound impact on quality of life, personal relationships, psychological well being, and professional life.

Patients suffer an average of 24 months before receiving a diagnosis.

60% of patients see 3 or more doctors before receiving a diagnosis.  Diagnosis, education, and self-efficacy are some of the most important key predictors of a positive outcome. 

“This Toolkit is like a silent colleague in the form of a specialist standing beside you,
guiding you, and letting you know you’re on the right track. It was very empowering for me.”
B.C. Family Physician

Your guide to navigating the journey of
care for patients with vulvodynia

"The modules are great quality.”
Cameron Pham, Vancouver
"Excellent patient centered content"
Kelly Franklin, Victoria
"Useful and applicable to our practice"
Andy Ramirez, Prince George
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